Biblissima+ is a multi-site digital infrastructure for research and service dedicated to the history of the transmission of ancient texts, from Antiquity to the Renaissance, in the West and in the East.

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Biblissima Portal

An entry point to the written heritage of the Middle Ages and the Renaissance in Western Europe, from the 8th to the 18th century.

The Biblissima Portal provides unified access to a set of digital data on medieval manuscripts, incunabula and early printed books produced by the partners of the Biblissima+ consortium.

It allows to visualise and search for digitized documents, catalogues and specialized databases on various aspects of the study of the written heritage: history of collections and provenance, transmission of texts, iconography, bindings, fragments etc.

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IIIF Collections

A search engine of interoperable digitized manuscripts and rare books

The IIIF Collections of Manuscripts & Rare Books platform allows to search for digitized manuscripts and early printed materials across many digital libraries compatible with IIIF standards.

It offers a search interface that is easy to use and gives results as relevant and complete as possible thanks to reconciled metadata between the different datasets.

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Biblissima Authority Files

Collaborative platform to manage and publish Biblissima authority data

These authority lists are based on data collected and processed within the framework of the Biblissima programme. Their primary goal is to allow the merging of disparate data within the Biblissima portal and the IIIF Collections platform.

They have been set up in order to identify, disambiguate, harmonize and align named entities from a wide range of data sources on early manuscripts and early printed books.

The authority data is published in a structured way according to Linked Open Data principles and are made available through web services (API).

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Biblissima Tools

The Biblissima toolkit

Biblissima offers a range of tools to assist in the cataloguing of manuscripts and early printed books, and in translating, transcribing or editing texts. You will find tools :

  • to search in Latin or ancient Greek dictionaries; lemmatize and analyze a Latin or Greek text with Collatinus or Eulexis
  • edit ancient inventories in XML-TEI or catalogue manuscripts and printed books in XML-EAD; publish the results on the Web.

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IIIF360, an expertise service around IIIF

IIIF360 provides a range of services on IIIF standards jointly operated by Biblissima, the Campus Condorcet and the TGIR Huma-Num. IIIF (International Image Interoperability Framework™) is a set of open standards for interoperable functionality in digital asset repositories.

Biblissima plays a leading role in the adoption and promotion of IIIF in France, and is actively involved in the international community that supports this initiative.

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For any request for support or training on IIIF technologies, contact us at iiif360 (at)